Coffee table with a shelf

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This classical coffee table will complete your home interior. The details and the quality of the finish show the art of carpentry and carpentry techniques used in the past. We approach each project with a lot of attention. Seemingly very simple elements, due to deliberate details, show how simplicity may be magical.


Coffee table with a shelf – description

This furniture is a fine combination of natural oak veneer plywood (top) and solid wood (frame). Universal and timeless shape is a feast for the eyes. It perfectly combines with either classical or modern interior. The whole table has been finished with top quality wax oil. Solid wood ensures robust construction which will serve you for many years.


Length – 60 cm
Width – 110 cm

Finishing and maintenance:

Most of our furniture is finished with high quality wax oil. Producer’s certificates along with proper completion guarantee uppermost quality of the furniture’s finish. The advantage of this finish is highlighting natural grain, solid wood or veneer as well as the color of the furniture, while maintaining some kind of rawness of natural wood.

It is worth remembering that wood as a fully natural, untamable material, will always look different. There are no two identical pieces of wood and, therefore, you will notice some differences in color of our furniture.



Making this coffee table and the rest of our furniture is based on cooperation with local partners. Designers, craftspeople, wood manufacturing plants and others on each stage of Kunsst production are committed to achieve uppermost quality of our

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