Kunst turntable stand

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This classic turntable stand has been created as an answer to customers’ needs who search for simple, but at the same time elegant forms. As in the concept the design of this piece of furniture beautifully matches most available on the market record players, including Crosley Manchester. Kunsst turntable stand is a confirmation that it’s possible to combine great acoustics with aesthetic functionality. Apart from the space for music system, our turntable also has a shelf for records.



Kunsst Turntable Stand

This piece of furniture has been created as a complementation to an audio set. It doesn’t compete with it but rather has a hint of modesty about it. It’s there to make a neutral background. Therefore, it will be great companion to all sorts of other furniture.

Made of high quality oak, finished with natural wax oil.

Dimensions and colors can be changed according to your preference. To customize your order please contact:

tel. 792 422 344

External dimensions (different dimensions are possible):

Depth 50 cm Width 190 cm Height 55 cm

Top 160 x 45 cm

Both the frame and the tops are made of solid oak

Finishing and maintenance:

Most of our furniture is finished with high quality wax oil. Producer’s certificates along with proper completion guarantee uppermost quality of the furniture’s finish. The advantage of this finish is highlighting natural grain, solid wood or veneer as well as the color of the furniture, while maintaining some kind of rawness of natural wood.

It is worth remembering that wood as a fully natural, untamable material, will always look different. There are no two identical pieces of wood and, therefore, you will notice some differences in color of our furniture.


Making this turntable stand and the rest of our furniture is based on cooperation with local partners. Designers, craftspeople, wood manufacturing plants and others on each stage of Kunsst production are committed to achieve uppermost quality of our furniture. It requires a lot of effort of very many people but at the same time brings satisfaction out of the well done job.


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