Kunsst HiFi Stand

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Beauty of simplicity


This minimalistic audio stand is the search result for a piece of furniture which will make an elegant background to audio equipment. We wanted this audio furniture to be able to combine with any music equipment. We have observed that often times audiophile furniture available on the market, despite maintaining high acoustic value, do not satisfy expectations resulting from aesthetics. This stand is the answer to both technical and, equally important, visual needs.

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Kunsst HiFi Stand

This piece of furniture has been created as a complementation to an audio set. It doesn’t compete with it but rather has a hint of modesty about it. It’s there to make a neutral background. Therefore, it will be great companion to all sorts of other furniture.

Made of high quality oak, finished with natural wax oil. Anti-vibration cones the stand sits on are made of steel and are put on anti-vibration pads of the same material. The pads are underlaid with cork mats.

If the standard version of the HiFi stand is too small, you can modify it in terms of dimensions. You may choose a different colour too. In order to do that, please contact:

tel. 792 422 344


We can dye wood according to your preference.

HiFi Stand – standard version:

Platforms may be mounted on the frame with steel studs or be directly screwed onto it. Other vibration absorbing elements may be installed on request for extra charge.


Platform Dimensions (different dimensions – on request):

Width: 55 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Height: 5 cm

Frame Dimensions :

Width: 83 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Height: 49 cm

Finishing and maintenance:

Most of our furniture is finished with high quality wax oil. Producer’s certificates along with proper completion guarantee uppermost quality of the furniture’s finish. The advantage of this finish is highlighting natural grain, solid wood or veneer as well as the color of the furniture, while maintaining some kind of rawness of natural wood.

It is worth remembering that wood as a fully natural, untamable material, will always look different. There are no two identical pieces of wood and, therefore, you will notice some differences in color of our furniture.



Making this HiFi stand and the rest of our furniture is based on cooperation with local partners. Designers, craftspeople, wood manufacturing plants and others on each stage of Kunsst production are committed to achieve uppermost quality of our furniture. It requires a lot of effort of very many people but at the same time brings satisfaction out of the well done job.

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