Kunsst Turntable Console

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Turntable console with beautiful finish details inspired by old carpentry techniques. A simple in form functional furniture. It will easily blend in with interior that needs peace and toning down. It will work well both in a living room and a bedroom or a small study. Despite its simplicity it will capture you with its unique finish.



Turntable console – description

We have made this furniture of top quality materials. The frame of the console is solid oak. The chest is made of a beautiful natural oak veneer. Finished with high quality wax oil which highlights natural wood grain, creates protective layer, but lets the wood breathe. A closed-door record storage. Depending on your preference it may have two or three cabinets. You can also display your record collection, which looks good next to a nice player.
Look at how diligent we are when it comes to details. It may appear to be simple but at a closer look you’ll notice fine solutions inspired by old carpentry techniques which we intentionally use in our designs. We think they add our furniture some kind of sophistication and remind us they become beautiful only after we realize that there is a real person and their craftsmanship behind it.

Turntable console – dimensions

Upper desk height – 53 cm
Length – 150 cm
Depth (entire console) – 54 cm

Depth (upper desk – 45 cm)


The console can be made in other dimensions. You may order an open version (without cabinets) or fitted with two or three closed cabinets.

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Finishing and maintenance:

Most of our furniture is finished with high quality wax oil. Producer’s certificates along with proper completion guarantee uppermost quality of the furniture’s finish. The advantage of this finish is highlighting natural grain, solid wood or veneer as well as the color of the furniture, while maintaining some kind of rawness of natural wood.

It is worth remembering that wood as a fully natural, untamable material, will always look different. There are no two identical pieces of wood and, therefore, you will notice some differences in color of our furniture.



Making this HiFi stand and the rest of our furniture is based on cooperation with local partners. Designers, craftspeople, wood manufacturing plants and others on each stage of Kunsst production are committed to achieve uppermost quality of our

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