Perfect incorporation into your interior, modernity, great style, individualism and solid wood are a combination which makes Kunsst furniture unique. Enhance the beauty of your home with custom made furniture.
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It's not what you make but how much time you spend making it that truly matters.

Each day we discover the hidden beauty of a form, the material and the tiny details. We see solid wood as a kind of precious material, very unique, a rare commodity, and therefore we treat it accordingly while working on a project.

Functionality and durability are the foundation, but in order to bring out the beauty in wood you need something more. You need time, patience, hard work of a lot of people and a heart filled with passion. New technologies are well known to us, but still old carpentry techniques inspire us and they give our furniture true personality.

Furniture producers often brag about the lowest price. We don’t go down that road. We believe that a good craftsman, who works with superior quality materials, deserves recognition. What we boast is the individual approach to each project, caring about the tiniest details.

Each piece of material is different, unique – as in nature. Before a piece of furniture comes into being, we need to have a look at it, see what other sample will match it. Custom made solid wood furniture pieces are never identical. Individualism and wild nature speak through them, which adds to uniqueness of your interior.